I shared this a while ago, figured it'd be more appropriate now. ...

This former white supremacist had a change of heart when he became a dad and got to know the very people he hated. Special thanks to Life After Hate, Christian Picciolini and u.pw/2hurJJZ.

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Stop feeding the "racial" divide. You've heard it a thousand times but you still don't get it....we are the human race. That's all. The only thing that makes any of us more inferior/superior is how we live our lives. Genetics and hormones change constantly depending on environment, diets, habits, lifestyles, etc. Some of us were dealt a bad hand, but it's on you to reshuffle the cards and do better than your ancestors even if you have to try harder than most. If you're going to dislike someone, it should be because of who they are, and who you are has ZERO to do with what you look like or where you were born. Your skin color is NOT an identity and nothing worth taking pride in because it is not an accomplishment. Fuck what society tells you to be, be your own man/woman. Walk alone if need be and live your life to the fullest. Treat people right and defend yourself when threatened. Stop blending with the herd and think outside the box. You can't be opposed to racism if you believe that other "races" are any more or less capable of anything. Think long and hard about that last statement, because you may realize that you've been inadvertently aiding the problem. ...

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Living legend ...

Here's a question to make you think! 🤔 Out of ALL the many movies 🎥 that Jackie Chan's 🐉 starred in, which stunt impresses you the MOST?😲🤯💯

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"The birth of the mind, is the death of the senses" ...

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First feature film I produced just hit the shelves at Wal-Mart! Head over and grab yourself a copy of Dwelling! ...

Aaaaaand the wait is over! Head over to your local Wal-Mart and grab a copy!

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