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When the dark clouds of doubt, anger or worry begin to move upon you, steady yourself in the knowledge that in time, the storm will pass. Emotions are transient and temporary. But, the more one has engaged in a particular pattern of thought, the more difficult it becomes to override these habitual patterns, which is why it is very important for you to immediately begin using your power of choice, to feed the good wolf, or the higher-mind. Your future begins with your next thought. Even now as you read this, the power is completely yours. The next second belongs to you, and no one can control how you choose to think at any time. No one can make you feel any certain way. Only you choose how you feel or how you react to the situations of life. My Instagram: @thejackiechun My friends: Mewtwo The Enlightened Grand Elder Prince Vegeta

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No strings attached. via UNILAD by Damien Walters ( official )

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Never gets old ...

This is why Ameri-Do-Te is the most dangerous martial art in the world. Learn more at:

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Jackie always okay ...

A tribute to the great 成龍 Jackie Chan's 5 decade journey in the film industry. Know more at

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Working with Millennials can be a challenge. Here's why... Tom Bilyeu ( on Inside Quest ( interviews Simon Sinek (

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