Haha ...

Safe! Watch this Little Leaguer go airborne for a run.

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This woman's insane....I like it ...

Ninja practice - Jennifer Tavernier - MinneNinja Credit --> Amazing Workout Girl

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I should probably mention that Dwelling (first feature length film I produced) is being released through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and will be available in stores next month and RedBox. Follow the page to stay posted and be sure to get yourself a copy :) ...

Don't forget to grab a copy of our DVD sold in major retail stores next month and RedBox! Details on streaming platforms release coming soon! Link to original video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKlP9Z5F06s&t=4s

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What an imbecile! Driving on the wrong side of the road... ...

His airbending skills are great 😭😭 Credit: Newsflare

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Completely forgot about this video done by Jason Bojangals a couple years ago where apparently, I'm Elijah Wood lol ...

I bought a new camera, I went to the park and made this little piece of nonsense. Also, "Lumberjacked" coming soon ... like, later this week.

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