Brandyn T. Williams was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and is currently residing in Los Angeles. After graduating from Buffalo State College with a B.A. in Media Production in December 2011, he started his own producing company BeWILdered Media Productions
Initially, his focus was on directing and writing.  When entering the film realm in 2012 with no background or colleagues, he cast himself in his own projects so that he could have work to show.  He found more enjoyment being on camera and performing than being behind it, so he began pursuing a career in acting.  Although he never took himself seriously as an actor and realized that his peers felt the same way, he didn’t want to get stuck in that niche.  After attending a seminar, he met his acting coach and friend, Josie DiVincenzo.  He was one of her first private students and in exchange for lessons, he helped her edit her demo reel and encouraged her to open her own studio.
With a background in Kung Fu and serving 9 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, he also found he had a knack for fighting on camera.  He decided to attend stunt school in Atlanta and trained basic stuntwork under Michael R. Long in December 2014.  Around the same time, he started coaching gymnastics and practicing parkour.  He learned that coaching not only served as a means to train and help others, but also gave him an opportunity to reflect on his own ability and keep himself in check.
In early 2017, he and his friend Steven Borowski launched SteBra Entertainment. He produces, edits, co-writes and does occasional VFX while acting in their content created for comedic entertainment.  Brandyn has always considered himself to be a jack of all trades and master of none.  However, he believes that his skills will develop with time and perseverance, and that the emphasis should always be on how his work impacts audiences.

Early Life

As a child, Brandyn typically found solace in movies, TV shows, and music.  It was his way of escaping reality.  Growing up with a dysfunctional family in an income based neighborhood while attending a wealthy school district often made it difficult for him to find a sense of belonging.  With a history of dealing with abuse, racism, bullying, being kicked out of school and institutionalized; he started believing that media was the only thing that kept him going throughout his teenage years.  His goal, as an artist, is to instill the same type of hope and determination in people who may have gone through similar hardships as a means to pay it forward.  Being able to witness his work having a strong impact on someone has always been more rewarding than the flattery he’s received simply for creating something. 
While attending college, Brandyn was a soldier and working to become a firefighter as a backup career to filmmaking.  He held quite a few jobs in the the medical field ranging from Physical Rehab Attendant to working as an aide for the developmentally disabled.  He started training in traditional Chinese Kung Fu at age 17 throughout college and shortly after.  His master, Laoshi Erin Markle, has easily been the greatest influence and guidance in his life.  Because of the lifestyle he chose, however, he never fully committed to training.  Despite that, he will always hold a deep respect for her and everything she has done for him. 
 After graduating college, he got his EMT certification and worked in the field for a little less than a year.  He quit due to severe underpayment and personal conflicts at the time.  He filmed weddings for the extra income prior to making any film that would go anywhere.  During his EMT training, he took a firefighter civil service exam and was ranked #5 on the list of hire in a local town.  He didn’t get an interview for it until August 2014.  That was ironically the same time he wrapped principal photography on his first feature film Dwelling and his term in the military had endedHe was called back for a second interview but respectfully turned it down.  He finally came to terms with the fact that he would rather struggle in pursuing where his heart is as opposed to gaining financial stability where it isn’t.  He often wondered if he made the right decision but after a while he accepted that he did, despite the many struggles that would follow.